Rolling Retro 2015

Rolling Retro 2015

It’s on folks! The most ‘laid back’ surfing event to hit the Cape Town calendar is back and it’s going to be a blast. Be sure to get there early, because this year it’s going to be a cracker. I’m hitting it for the third year in a row and can truly say that it’s one of the most enjoyable contests on the South African surf calendar.

The contest is pretty laid back too in that regard, but don’t make a mistake, some top surf talent come and show off their mad retro skills.

For those that are unfamiliar with the setup, RVCA and VUDU Surf usually make available a bunch of old surf boards for contestants to surf on in the comp. The ones with the most style and flair make it through. Whether a classic fish or longboard, style is what it’s all about, so expect many a soul arch and larry laybacks.

Some tips on having an enjoyable Rolling Retro experience

  • Chicks (and okes for that matter) can dress up (pin-up style is a big hit!) retro and win prizes
  • Come early, the beach gets packed
  • Bring enough shade
  • Bring loads of sunscreen
  • Bring enough cash for beers and boeries at the Llandudno lifesaving club (they are to die for after a cold surf)
  • Don’t be a douche and free surf in the contest area

The event is on the 22nd of February 2015 from 09:00 – 22:00, see you there!

Surfers Rally For A Good Cause As Movember Heads For The Beach

Surfers Rally For A Good Cause As Movember Heads For The Beach

Llandudno, Cape Town – On Saturday the 1st of November surfers of all kinds will congregate at Cape Town’s Llandudno beach for a fun day out at the Off The Lip Movember Surf Jam. This event, which is hosted by Quiksilver and the Movember foundation, is aimed at creating awareness as well as raising funds for men’s prostate cancer, testicular cancer and other men’s health issues. Surfers participating in the event are encouraged to dress in seventies surf gear, alter-ego’s welcome, use surfboards from the seventies era and don freshly shaven upper lips to mark the start of a hair-raising month for creating awareness for the Movember movement. (more…)

Riding waves, that’s all that matter

I’m glad to see that the more wave riding sports progress, the better different genres of the sport are getting along. Except SUP’s at the moment it seems. Bodyboarders and surfers (I happen to do both) seem to get along better than ever in terms of mutual respect. At least in Cape Town waters where I surf frequently. (more…)

Bianca Buitendag Uncut

Ok beachbums, check out this kiff clip by Dan the Director (Dan Mace) of Bianca Buitendacht heading into her world tour. The short film covers Bianca and her good friend Johanne Defay who’s also on tour. The ladies tour is receiving a lot more attention this year and I think it’s great. Bianca also mentions how we should celebrate the subtle differences between ladies and men on tour.

“In surfing, male and female have a different way of expressing what they know on a wave. Femininity in surfing is a beautiful thing and performance and masculinity in surfing is also and I don’t think it should be compared.”

Something is sure, they all have to be damn fit and on top of their game. Kudos to Bianca, Johanne and finally Dan for putting it all together!

Shaping up for SA Longboard Surfing Champs

This past weekend I completed my second longboarding trials for making Southern Cape team to go to SA Longboard Surfing Championships and I’m glad to report that things went well! It looks like I’ll be seeing all my friends from last year again in Cape St Francis from the 27th of April.

The question is whether to stay in St Francis or near Supers in JBay for the off days when I’m not surfing champs (or for the two days we’re going up early :-). Having gone to JBay for the Billabong for many years I’m inclined to say JBay. It’s just 30-45 mins drive to Seals / St Francis anyway and who can resist a good Supers session or a relaxed Point at 2-3ft for longboard surfing sessions that never end?

Either way, I’m super amped to be part of things again this year and looking for sponsors so drop me a line if you feel generous!

I’m in need of

  • Accommodation (JBay) & Travel Budget  – First priority
    • Accommodation budget for 9 nights in JBay – R 3, 150.00
    • Fuel Budget – R 2, 500.00
  • Performance Hydration
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Clothing
  • Eyewear
  • Wetsuits (spring suit for warmer climates and a 4/3 with hoodie etc for cold locations)
  • Performance Waterproof Sunscreen

What sponsors get

  • Social & Blog mentions
    • Twitter: @dirktolken; @beachbumsa
    • Instagram: @dirktolken
    • Vine: @dirktolken
    • Pre & Post Event Blog post mentions with photos
  • Greyed out logo (two-up) in sidebar for duration of sponsorship with link to your website below the fold
  • Reduced cost on above the fold advertising (R100/1000 impressions, min 10,000 impressions)
  • Branding options (to be discussed)

Please drop me a line on if you’re interested!

FREE shipping while current stock lasts (South Africa Only)! Shipping on all orders to be done early 2015.