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The journey so far...
I started ‘boogie boarding’ when I was 4 years old (in 1980) in Small Bay, Bloubergstrand. Summer days were endless and we’d lounge around in the sun with family and friends under our parents watchful eyes, enjoying the ocean even though the water is damn cold in the Atlantic ocean (we’re just north of Cape Town). Back then we didn’t seem to mind how cold the water was and I didn’t wear a wetsuit until I received a hand-me-down sleeveless diving suit around 1987.

From early on I developed an appreciation for the sea and living within the rythms of a close-to-the-ocean lifestyle.

Zippy Board

Src: http://bodyboardmuseum.com.au

I started out on these orange, plastic Zipppy boogie boards (similar to the one in this picture). They had a little plug at the back (they were hollow inside) and holding the handles moulded in you’d jump on and hold for dear life while the waves dumped you onto the beach. It didnt take long for the plugs to get lost and the boards to fill up with water, but I clearly remember those first exhilirating waves in the 80’s.

These bloody things chafed you to all hell and we didn’t have the luxury of wearing second skins (rash vests) to protect us from those nasty rashes.

Come to think of it, the sun wasn’t really such an issue either. These days you spend 30 minutes in the midday sun and you’re burnt to a crisp. It’s amazing how we ocean folks have adapted and how the industry has grown.

We’ve come a long way with surfing equipment technology and how we spend our time in the ocean, but one thing never fades – our love for the ocean and what the beach lifestyle gives us.

After bodyboarding for a good 18 years (I got my first Wave Warrior board in 1987) I decided that I’ve had enough of bodyboarding and that I needed a new challenge, so I took up longboard surfing. I had a bunch of mates who already made the transition and ever since I’ve loved the sport.

Surfing Outer Pool, Mossel Bay

Surfing Outer Pool, Mossel Bay

I’ve made amazing friends and try and take part in South African Longboard Championships every year. If you take up longboarding you take up a family of like-minded individuals and whether you’re a single fin purist or riding a more modern thruster setup, there is fun to be had in any conditions (except onshore slop, what are you thinking?!).

Beachbum was an idea born from me being a web developer and day-dreaming about surf trips up the Garden Route onwards to J-Bay.

I approached Spike from Wavescape as my business partner at the time knew him personally and I sourced some spot info (Spike still has best surfing guide for South Africa available) that we tied to accommodation options. See it as an early ‘surfing AirBnB’ with surf stays near your favourite surfing spots.

As things evolved with e-Commerce in South Africa I decided to start an online surf store and surf blog and to this day, that is what we’re still busy evolving.

I hope that you enjoy using my site. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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