Some good things are happening here. I’ve decided to ditch the accommodation portal that sat on the root domain and from hence forth it’s the blog and all things related that’ll be your main attraction here. That said, some cool things are coming. Summer’s here which for most of us mean that it’s too late to get that beer gut in shape. Luckily I’ve been exercising like a mofo, so ‘jammer om van jou kak te hoor’.

If you’re interested in getting that winter beer gut sorted, check out and get yourself a challenging. In the same fashion is getting some workouts, so sign up your name to the right for receiving regular updates when the site gets updated.

If you landed here looking for accommodation, sorry for the inconvenience, the idea will be revisited during 2013.

For all the other folk that keeps supporting, thanx for the visit pal, you just made my day.