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Embrace the Spirit of Surfing and the Aloha Lifestyle

Founded in 1981 by Wazo, Island Style emerged as a small surfing accessories company dedicated to serving the local surfing community with cutting-edge, high-performance equipment. With a firm commitment to its origins and surfing principles, they have evolved alongside the sport, delivering top-quality products crafted by surfers, for surfers. The brand’s essence embodies a deep love for the ocean and the carefree island lifestyle, embracing simplicity and pure enjoyment.

At Island Style, we are more than just a surf company. We are a vibrant culture fueled by a profound respect for nature, a celebration of individuality, and the spirit of Aloha. Our unwavering passion lies in the thrill of board riding and crafting innovative products that push the boundaries of the sport. Every item we create is rigorously tested day in and day out, ensuring unrivaled performance and reliability. This is not merely a brand—it’s a way of life, an embodiment of our values and beliefs.

Join us in embracing the Island Style ethos, where the pursuit of adventure meets the preservation of our natural playground. Experience the undeniable connection between surfers, the ocean, and the soul of our brand. With our trustworthy products you can immerse yourself in a lifestyle that transcends the waves, embodying the purest expression of freedom, joy, and camaraderie. Discover our range of meticulously crafted products and become a part of the Island Style family today.

Island Style, Da Right Style……..


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