SurfEars is a revolutionary brand that was born out of necessity.

In 2011, Christian Dittrich, an avid surfer for over 25 years, experienced a severe ear infection during a surf trip to Morocco. This painful incident sparked the idea behind SurfEars. With a team comprising professional product designers, engineers, and passionate surfers, SurfEars brings together a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing high-tech consumer electronics and sports equipment.

Combining their expertise and love for water sports, SurfEars has become a recipe for success. Since its initial launch and subsequent triumph, the brand realized that the need for ear protection extended beyond surfing. In 2015, they introduced SwimEars, specifically designed for the swimming market. This expansion demonstrates SurfEars’ commitment to providing innovative and effective ear plugs for water enthusiasts in various disciplines.

SurfEars and SwimEars embody the dedication and passion of a team that understands the importance of protecting your ears while enjoying the water.

Whether you’re a surfer or a swimmer, trust SurfEars to provide you with reliable, comfortable, and high-performance ear plugs that enhance your experience in the water.

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