And the woman wave rider who wins the Mr Price Ballito Pro Women’s surfing championships for 2009 is… Well, no one.

Due to a gale-strength wild wind kicking up enormous waves and leading to several postponements, the event had to be called off before the women could complete all the heats. The result? For the first time in the event’s history, no female champion was crowned.

In the end, all the 24 competitors who had remained in the event were awarded a 19th place finish and were given an equal share of the prize money (which amounted to R7 900 each) as well as an equal amount of ratings points: 1 200.

East Londoner Roseanne Hodge, who was the top South African surfer in the event, told IOL News that she was disappointed by the event’s premature ending.

“The way things have gone has been a bit of a shake-up for everyone, I don’t think anyone’s really been in this situation before, where you make it through your heats and then it’s actually the end of your run.”

Talk about being literally blown out of the water!

Hopefully the guys – who are at it right now – will have better luck!