Ke11y Slater takes his 11th World Title

It’s official, Kelly Slater took his 11th World Title last week by placing past round 4 in the San Francisco Rip Curl Pro.

Who knows how long he’ll keep on doing this, but at 39 years old it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down at all. After Jordy Smith fell out with a rib injury after Teahupo’o in Tahiti  it was pretty much plain sailing for Kelly, but Owen Wright (Aus) did give him a hard run for a few events. Lets hope Jordy keeps it together next year and that Kelly keeps on surfing, because it’s sure going to be a cracker of a tour with all the new talent coming up the ranks.

Long live Kelly, in my opinion one of the best sportsmen of our time. Congrats mate!

Hear it in Kelly’s own words:

and a cool compilation here by Red Bull:


Coming Soon To SA: ‘The Wildest Event in Pro Surfing’

It kicked off in Tasmania. Then it moved to the freezing surf of Scotland. And now surfers who take part in the O’Neill Cold Classic will have to brave the waves right here in the Cape of storms.

From 20 to 24 June, the best local and international surfers will descend upon the Cape Peninsula for the third stop in this surfing series, which is also a four star ASP World Qualifying Series event. Surfers will include local Jordy Smith, who not only won the inaugural event in Tasmania, but who will also act as the ambassador to this event.

According to Girlracer, this local leg of the event can rightfully proclaim itself to be the ‘wildest event in professional surfing’. Hovering at temperatures of around 10 degrees, the water here is certainly cold enough for the Cold Water Classic. Throw in the heavy winter storms kicking up huge swells, the “prevalance of bull kelp around many of the surf spots and the threat of Great White Sharks (against which precautions will be taken)” and you get what definitely promises to be a surfing contest that isn’t meant for the fainthearted.

However, considering the generous prize of US$85 000, we’re sure that the surfers won’t hold anything back!