Vodacom Easter Adrenaline Relocating to Margate

The hugely popular annual Vodacom Easter Adrenaline, scheduled to take place from 10  – 13 April this year, has been relocated to Margate Main Beach.

As one of the most frequented tourist destinations on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, Margate will certainly benefit from this high profile event.  The festival is jam-packed with loads of exciting events, including Freestyle Motocross, Jet Ski exhibitions, touch rugby, beach soccer and beach volleyball.

Alberts Breed, Managing Executive of Vodacom KZN, believes that the change of venue for this year’s Vodacom-sponsored festival will “expose a whole new audience to the variety of high octane sports, and with the competitors having to adapt to the local conditions, it’s bound to be an exciting event.”

He says the change of scenery “also allows a much greater involvement by Vodacom and the event partners into the local community and economy, as an event the size and profile of the Vodacom Easter Adrenaline will stimulate the local economy enormously through the increased tourism revenue.”

“As the event sponsors, we are extremely excited about this fantastic opportunity to showcase this event to a new audience,” says Breed.

Other crowd-pleasing and exciting events at this year’s Vodacom Easter Adrenaline include Brian Capper Extreme Riding, a bikini glamour event, numerous stage activities, and an exciting Vodacom Paddle Challenge.

There will also be a Vodacom Ocean Experience clinic, which will teach ocean safety and awareness, as well as surfing, to the public free of charge.

Vodacom Rescue Demonstrations, featuring the latest marine safety craft and rescue methods, will also educate the public further on how to have an enjoyable yet safe time at the beach.

“Margate celebrates its centenary this year and it is fitting that a prestigious event of this nature should be hosted over one of our busiest weekends to form a part of this important celebration,” says Vicky Wentzel
of Wozani Africa Events.  Wozani hopes to attract more events of this nature to the South Coast district.

According to Michael Bertram, CEO of UGU South Coast Tourism, Margate, like most South Coast towns, relies on tourism to drive the economy. “The stimulation of these areas through increased exposure in both regional and national media, as well as both local and inland visitors, will raise the profile of the entire area.”

Beachgoers will not be disappointed, says Bertram, as “Margate has worked extremely hard at developing itself as a holiday venue of choice for tens of thousands of people, and invested heavily in its infrastructure and services.”

“Our sponsors, Vodacom and the KZN Department of Transport, should be commended for ensuring that Margate Beach will be buzzing this Easter.”