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Creatures SUPERLITE LITE 6 Leashes are the lightest, most comfortable leashes, designed and developed with custom materials to create that ‘no leash feel’. The SUPERLITE leash fuses reliable Creatures of Leisure components with the latest technical innovation and materials.

Our LITE leash is an ultra-lightweight leash specifically made for small waves. The 6ft Lite Leash with a 5mm cord minimizes drag, ideal for fast and small wave surfing.

Other key features include:

  • Elliptical Horn Cuff – Precisely engineered with 3D scanning technology providing unrivaled form-fitting ankle comfort
  • Ultra-Lightweight Leash – Specifically made for small waves, the 6ft Lite Leash with 5mm cord minimizes drag, ideal for fast and small wave surfing
  • Superior Release Tag – All Creatures leashes have our Surefire Leash Release tag for a quick and easy release, especially in an emergency
  • Our commitment to quality –  We strive to meld our experience with cutting edge materials & designs to create highly functional, premium quality surfing accessories that are built to last

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The Mechanics of the Technology behind Creatures of Leisure's pioneering leash innovation - Featured on all Creatures Leashes:


Features of the Creatures SUPERLITE LITE 6 Leashes:

- Creatures TPU Cord:

A leash is only as strong as the sum of its parts. TPU cord is unquestionably the world's most reliable and failsafe leash cord material ever used with unrivalled durability. We have been refining and fine-tuning our leash formula for over 43 years - making Creatures leashes the most reliable and trusted leashes on the planet.

- DNA Flex Mould:

The patented DNA Flex Mould is the world's first mould/cord connection that stretches together with the cord when under pressure absorbing wave impact and drastically reducing the chance of breakage.

- Surefire Leash Release - Quick, Easy Release, Any Time!

All Creatures leashes have a Surefire Leash Release tag, a permanently upright injection moulded urethane tag which is easy to pull – especially in an emergency. The ergonomic design has permeation holes that allow the flow of water and reduce weight making it a far superior release tag over a standard webbing loop.

- WT1 Welded Mesh:

The WT1 Welded Mesh is a never before seen cuff material that is developed by and exclusive to Creatures of Leisure. The TPU coating is extremely lightweight and hard-wearing, providing water resistance while in use. Which reduces weight and maintains material integrity.

- Elliptical Horn:

Where the horn meets the cuff is a typical point of discomfort in any regular leash, until now! Creatures of Leisure have developed the ergonomic, sculpted and scalloped Elliptical Horn. Which has been designed using the latest 3D scanning technology, moulding the cuff with pre-bent, ultra-lightweight and low-density TPU. The Elliptical Horn fits a broad range of ankles with unrivalled comfort & precision.

- Non-Slip Cuff - Always On Lock!

Using specially designed, engineered neo-mesh material, the Non-Slip Cuff prevents the cuff from rotating on the ankle. The durable, spongy material is now even lighter with a reduced profile creating an even firmer fit and a lighter cuff. This no-slip cuff combined with the Elliptical Horn creates the ultimately fixed position cuff that will not rotate on your ankle whilst maintaining a comfortable user experience

- Moulded Velcro:

The Moulded hook (velcro) provides superior peel and shear strength while drastically reducing weight. The highly flexible & thin profile makes this the most effective cuff fastening material on the market.

Rotator Swivel System - 360 degrees!

The Rotator Swivel System is yet another Creatures world first! Eliminating leash tangles and keeping leashes clear of the surfer's arm the stainless-steel connections at either end allow full 360-degree movement.

- Dual Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel - SS316
- Responsible Packaging - Plastic Free

Specs & Dimensions:

  • Leash length: 6ft (1.8m)
  • Cord thickness: 0.19" (5mm)
  • Cuff width: 1.77” (45mm)
  • Rail Saver width: 1” (25mm)
  • 2 year warranty

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