SurfEars 3.0 Ear Plugs Spares


While the lifespan of SurfEars 3.0 has been increased in many ways, you may need some replacement parts sometime in the future.

Now you can buy them individually here.


Ears are sensitive and the comfort of in-ear devices is closely related to how well these fit in your ear. With all ears unique in size and shape, there’s no one-fits-all solution to making great earplugs. We’ve studied the anatomy of the ear closely and identified four main points of contact, which all are critical to achieving good comfort.  With SurfEars 3.0 we’ve adapted the product design to follow the ear’s anatomy closely, drastically improving both fit and comfort.

In order to make 3.0 fit so much better, we had to make the plugs individual to the left and right ear. Both the wings and cores are unique for your right or left ear. The tube of the core has been modified to point both forward and slightly upward, creating a more natural fit in your ear. To make it easy for the user to know which plug goes in which ear, we’ve color-coded left and right.

The sealing gels have been redesigned to achieve a better seal while also increasing wearing comfort. They are thinner, and softer and conform to the shape of the ear more easily.


The newly designed core is slightly smaller which enables us to increase the product’s size range without compromising hearing performance. We have added an extra size for the sealing gels for a total of four different sizes, and the wings come in two sizes to ensure a good fit for even the smallest and largest ears.


We’ve introduced a protective rib preventing the mesh from being pushed inwards, while also increasing the mesh’s adhesive area. This will reduce the risk of the plugs wearing out when repeatedly pushing o the mesh with fingers when inserting the plugs. The new leash is also redesigned, with loops on each end which makes it more durable compared to the previous solution and easier to attach and remove from the plugs. The new leash is thicker which makes it more durable and also less likely to tangle.

SurfEars 3.0 Ear Plugs Spares Features:

  • Improved Leash & Color Coding
  • Softer Tips With Improved Water Seal
  • Reinforced Mesh & Stronger Adhesive
  • Double Curved Wing & Tilted Core For Perfect Fit
  • Wider Size Range

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Bud, Wing, Core with Mesh, Leash Cord


Left (Red), N/A, Right (Blue)


One Size, Large, Medium, Small, X-Small


Black, Red, Turquoise




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