Not even the onset of one of the Cape’s most hectic winter storms  – which stirred up enormous swells that nearly caused a ship to run aground near Blouberg – could intimidate South African surfer Jordy Smith.

The dude pulled out a stellar performance on the third day of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic, reaching a score of 8.5. Not that we expect anything less from the event ambassador!

So while the weather is cooperating to make this Cold Water Classic truly as cold as can be, Jordy confirmed as much to Surfer Today. (By the way, ST reckons Jordy is the surfer to watch in this event.) “It is pretty wild and cold. It’s like gale force winds out there. I got on a few waves and couldn’t even move for the wind – but there are some fun rides out there.”

If the forecasters are to be believed, the competing surfers should brace themselves for waves in excess of about 40 feet high!

Definitely not for the faint-hearted!