New inventions get patented daily. Some ideas are so awesome, they become manufactured products that we use on a daily basis and eventually can’t fathom life without.

On the other hand, some of the other ideas are best left in someone’s head… where it ought not to be granted a second thought or even remain a memory.

We’d like to know what you guys (and gals) think about this one: A surfboard with a viewing window. The idea, patented in 2005, has been subjected to mixed reviews.

One reviewer – a South African surfer no less – didn’t particularly like the view he saw through the window when he took the board out for a spin: a Great White Shark swimming below him…

Now, we agree with him that in these terrifying instances ignorance might definitely be more blissful, but the knowledge did give him the upper hand and he was able to get out of the water quickly and safely.

Other reviewers don’t necessarily ascribe to the idea that ‘less is more’. Some have suggested that, instead of merely having a smallish window at the one end of the otherwise solid board, the entire board should be clear. An entirely clear acrylic board will leave no mystery as to what lies ahead or underneath the surfer.

What do you think? Cool idea or not?

My roommate’s immediate reaction: “How on earth will an entirely clear board be visible in the water?”

She makes a clear point! And she doesn’t even surf!