Wavescape, an online portal jampacked with Souh African surfing information, has partnered with BulkSMS.com to relaunch its surf forecasting text messaging service.

The service, which now includes data from the Wavescape Open Watch (WOW), delivers regional open ocean and specific beach reports that includes swell, wind and tide information, to cellphones via SMS.

The WOW system collects Wave Watch 3 data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and publishes it in different formats on the Wavescape website. This same data is then condensed into SMSes of 160 characters long.

According to an article on Bizzcommumity, the Wavescape cellphone service includes ten regions and more than forty beach locations around South Africa. It is perfect for members of the broader wave-riding community (including surfers, bodyboarders, kite-surfers, windsurfers, etc.) as well as anglers, beachgoers, divers and the boating community who need to know what the surf conditions will be like at their local beaches. The fact that it is delivered to cellphones makes it possible for people to know the forecast even when they are not near a computer or television. Travellers can also use it to check out the conditions at the beaches they are travelling to.

For more information (including cost), visit this page of the Wavescape website.