I won’t talk too much about this, except say that this is one of the biggest days ever captured at Teahupo’o in Tahiti and as luck would have it right smack bang in the middle of an ASP event with all the cameras rolling. Check out this insane footage! 27 August 2011 will be remembered for a long time…

Plus check out this insane footage from the Phantom Cam in the earlier rounds of Billabong Pro Teahupo’o 2011. Check Adriano de Souza’s wipeout at 2:15, it just shows you with how much speed these guys are racing down the line!

And then as you’ve all probably heard by now, Jordy and Travis surfed against each other only for Jordy to be injured (rib injury from either his board or the reef – he doesn’t know), the heat to be stopped and then restarted with Jordy winning. BUT the call was made for a re-surf of the heat, because it wasn’t supposed to be standard protocol for a heat to be stopped if someone’s injured and Travis took the rematch, putting him through to the quarter finals.

We can’t really complain, a Saffa’s going through, but I damn well hope that we don’t get another Saffa duo match up for the rest of the year as this was two in a row (first in JBay earlier this year).

We wish Jordy a speedy recovery, as he has to be up and surfing at the Quicksilver event in New York by the 5th of September!

A BIG shout out also has to go to Jeremy Flores who scored a perfect 20 (two 10 point rides) in one heat. Some amazing surfing going down at the moment.


Congratulations to Kelly Slater (USA) for taking the win over Owen Wright (AUS) in a close fought battle. Kelly put one over Owen on a wave by wave showdown and some excellent tube riding was displayed by both contenders. A big WELL DONE goes to Travis Logie (South Africa) for making the semi finals and making us fellow Saffa’s proud.

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