Today the swell maxed out between 10-15ft and strong winds and rips made conditions difficult for the competitors. Jordy Smith glided through a few monster barrels to take the win in his round today and has moved on to the quarter finals. The rest of the day was ‘loser rounds’ to see if anyone could make their way back into the fold of first prize competition. The Brazilians are still proving themselves as a strong force to be dealt with. More on that at Kai’s Blog.

Even Shaun Tomson reckoned that he’d much rather prefer the comfort of the commentating box than getting those bombs on the head. The surfers had jet-ski assistance to get to the line-up as it was near impossible to paddle out alone. That fits perfectly with my beachbum style (any takers?).

Day 4’s highlights

{update} – Jordy subsequently got knocked out in the quarters. The waves were a bit inconsistent, but check below for further highlights.

Day 5’s highlights

Final Day’s highlights


Congratulations to Pat Guduaskus (from San Clemente, California, USA) for winning the Mr Price Pro event. He beat John John Florence (HAW) in the final and Jordy Smith came in third. Hopefully Jordy can build on the result and peak at the Billabong Pro and make us Saffa’s proud!