Jordy Smith has beaten Damien Hobgood to win the first ever O’Neill Cold Water Classic Series event at Bluff Reef in Marrawah, Tasmania, Australia.

Battling 8-foot swells and offshore winds, the two surfers skillfully displayed why they are at the top of the World Tour surfing ranks.

“It was good to get a win,” said Jordy. “It’s been a while. Damo’s been ripping this whole event. I looked up to him as a kid, so it’s great to be out there with one of your heroes.”

Despite Damien’s impressive second place performance, he admitted that he struggled. “I had needed to step it up. I just didn’t do it. It was hard for me. Sometimes I was really hanging on with my toes so hard. It’s a bit more bumpy out there than it looks for sure.”

On his way to the top, Jordy knocked out phenomenal talent like Australian Owen Wilson and Brazilian Jadson Andre.

Well done, Jordy! Our South African hearts are swelling with pride!