Finally I’m finding some time to post some feedback and videos after the SA Longboard Surfing Champs held in the Cape Peninsula.

Long Beach was a dream location and the setup was great from a spectating and surfing perspective.

Muizenberg also produced some waves when the wind turned North-West.

It was with much anticipation that I hit the water in the first heat, facing Mr Moir himself. This was never going to be a challenge, for him, but at least I had golden circle tickets to the spectacular surfing display that the pros bring to the table. I mean hell man, hang five (or was it ten?), barrel and a three-sixty coming out of the barrel on his first wave, I sure have a lot to learn!

Even though Mathew Moir (3rd) and Justin Bing (2nd) surfed extremely well throughout the entire event, Thomas King was completely on fire in the final and took the open mens division. Simone Robb also surfed very well and took senior ladies and women’s open divisions. She’s the only gurfer I know that can pull three-sixties on a longboard. Talking about gurfers, here are some cuties, they were always amped up and MAN can they surf a longboard?!

I also have to mention Deon Bing (the man plays a mean piano let me tell you – that was great fun Deon!), that won Kahunas division as well as George Bunting (third in Legends division), our team’s general motivator that kept us all amped up for the entire week.

For a proper wrap up video, see below the final day highlights

Thanx to the main sponsor Tiletoria South Africa (go and like their page please) too for supporting the sport!