Bianca Buitendag Uncut

Ok beachbums, check out this kiff clip by Dan the Director (Dan Mace) of Bianca Buitendacht heading into her world tour. The short film covers Bianca and her good friend Johanne Defay who’s also on tour. The ladies tour is receiving a lot more attention this year and I think it’s great. Bianca also mentions how we should celebrate the subtle differences between ladies and men on tour.

“In surfing, male and female have a different way of expressing what they know on a wave. Femininity in surfing is a beautiful thing and performance and masculinity in surfing is also and I don’t think it should be compared.”

Something is sure, they all have to be damn fit and on top of their game. Kudos to Bianca, Johanne and finally Dan for putting it all together!

Big wave surfing

Thought we do have a big bunch of mad chargers here in Cape Town surfing Sunsets, Dungeons, Bayside, Tand and other ‘bigger’ wave spots I guess you haven’t really cut your teeth if you haven’t surfed Teahupoo.

Here’s a great video about surfing some of the biggest waves on the planet.

The perfect wave

It’s something we all strive for, to find that perfect wave in the middle of nowhere with only you and your mates surfing it.

It can’t get much better than this…

Exploring Panaitan

Kudos to South African Jared Houston (one of our better bodyboarding exports) for being one of the guys in this movie. Great flick Nic Barclay!

Surfing Distant Shores

It’s often a surf mission that gets the stoke going for a surfer. You can travel to the ends of the earth (as depicted in this video), or you can do a local day-trip. Either way, the stoke will find you…

Src: Surfer Mag

Wavescape Film Festival Cape Town 2012

This is going to be epic, can’t wait!

The Wavescape Film Festival is from 28 November until the 17th of December. The actual screenings on Clifton 4th beach is from the 8th of December. Get the whole schedule here.

PS the art board exibition is at Superette in Woodstock from the 28th of November until the 5th of December. Make sure to pull in!

Brands carving into the extreme sports niche

A perfect example of a company that developed something purpose built, listened to their customers and made it even better, beyond all expectations.

GoPro has just released the Hero 3 and I HAVE to have one! It’s just that good, and how can you not agree looking at the video below?

It makes you want to get out there!

Also doesn’t hurt to have Kelly Slater as a brand ambassador 😉