The perfect wave

It’s something we all strive for, to find that perfect wave in the middle of nowhere with only you and your mates surfing it.

It can’t get much better than this…

Exploring Panaitan

Kudos to South African Jared Houston (one of our better bodyboarding exports) for being one of the guys in this movie. Great flick Nic Barclay!

Wavescape Film Festival Cape Town 2012

This is going to be epic, can’t wait!

The Wavescape Film Festival is from 28 November until the 17th of December. The actual screenings on Clifton 4th beach is from the 8th of December. Get the whole schedule here.

PS the art board exibition is at Superette in Woodstock from the 28th of November until the 5th of December. Make sure to pull in!

Best ever surfing intro vs Lost Atlas

This still has to be one of the best intros to a surf movie that I have ever seen.

And in other news, I saw the Lost Atlas premier the other night here in South Africa. It had really amazing footage (the most creative cinematography I have seen to date in a surf movie thanks to Kai Neville), but apart from a disguised pop shove-it and a few rodeo flips that was as progressive as it could go (maybe I missed the climax?). PS who’s the little blond chap? He rips!

Now excuse my ignorance and don’t make a mistake, Lost Atlas is thoroughly enjoyable and got a bunch of surfers who attended the premier applause at the end. I particularly liked the scenery of the different countries and surf spots (which was captured honestly and realistically) and Jordy’s ‘stinky breath’ scene.

Surfing is pretty much taking over skate and snowboarding moves. It’s the only natural progression I guess. Now, who out there do you think is the most progressive surfers and give us some video evidence of their moves, would love to see that…

It probably comes down to pulling off these extreme moves in competition, but I love me a free surf…

West Coast Boardriders Contest

West Coast Boardriders Surf CompetitionThe West Coast Boardriders have organised another cracker of an event on Sunday 14th of August.

The swell looks like it’s heaving and we can expect a high level of surfing in all divisions. I’ll go and see if there are any good pics to be taken…

Divisions include:

– Open (Pro and Plate divisions)
– Masters (over 35+)
– Juniors ( under 18)
– Girls

Paid up embers surf for free, and get preference into event. Visitors R150 entance fee.

All the details after the jump… (more…)