The guys from West Coast Boardriders did an excellent job in hosting a fun day for family and friends and there was some impressive surfing going on.

Conditions were a bit blustery at Big Bay (about 25 minutes from Cape Town), but it held for most of the day. The opportunity to take good pictures was hampered by the fact that I don’t have enough zooming power and there were no close elevation to get above the waves well enough so some are not entirely focussed.

Images after the jump…

Excuses aside, here are some of the better ones that came out from the day.

A shout out must go to Monster for the free drinks and FireWire for their demo boards on which anybody could go and surf.

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Remember to pop in on Wednesday the 17th for the premier of Lost Atlas! The prize giving and events start at 7pm at the Big Bay lifesaving club (at Eden on the Bay).